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Our Vision

Little Lizzie's Intergenerational Early Learning Centre is to share its values and educational philosophy in areas as that have been traditionally underserved and under-represented in the field of early childhood education; reshaping the expectations and emphasizing the importance of early childhood experiences within the community.

Our Vision, Mission & Values: About Us

Our Mission & Values

To be a supportive and nurturing community where uniqueness of each child is celebrated.

To provide high quality, affordable care and early education to a diverse group of children in a safe, healthy, responsive environment through innovative and developmentally appropriate programming.

To be a responsive community leader offering a quality early learning and childcare program through a unique curriculum that supports the growth, development and well-being of children in a safe environment, achieved through a dedicated and qualified team that ensures a family and community-focused environment.

To be committed to growing an intergenerational movement in which people of all ages can participate, learn from each other, take care of each other and dramatically reshape the condition of their lives.

Our Vision, Mission & Values: Our Mission
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